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Wild Hemp - Grows at around 3000 metres above sea level

Hemp grows wild in Nepal, it is a self-sustaining plant which is free from chemicals. This makes the products made eco friendly and chemical free. In recent years, it is farmed in villages in Nepal as there has been a growing demand for it. Hemp is the large and strong plant fibre, twice as strong as cotton. It is abrasive and rot resistant. For centuries, villagers have extracted its fibres to...

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The Last Death - Defyining Honey Hunters of Nepal

The Himalayan giant honeybees produce what is known as Mad Honey, thanks to its hallucinogenic properties. The psychotropic effects of this honey result from substances found in the flowers of rhododendron trees whose flowers bloom in March and April in the Hongu Valley, Nepal. The local Kulang people have been using this honey for centuries as a cough remedy and an antiseptic. For a particu...

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Muskan - Bringing Back Smiles

These days, almost everything we see around us is produced in large quantities, in factories. It is almost impossible to find something that is handmade from scratch. When we met up with founders of Muskan-bringing back smiles in Nepal, we were pleasantly surprised to chance upon an organization that creates handmade accessories, mobile chains, key-rings, bags and clothes. All products are h...

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“If we are to stay competitive, life long learning has to be more than an ideal”




Hamro is a handmade Nepalese line that reflects timeless sophistication and elegance with a focus on the highest quality Nepalese fabrics and the perfect fit, all meticulously crafted in Nepal.