Posted / 10 Jul 2018

Muskan - Bringing Back Smiles

These days, almost everything we see around us is produced in large quantities, in factories. It is almost impossible to find something that is handmade from scratch.

When we met up with founders of Muskan-bringing back smiles in Nepal, we were pleasantly surprised to chance upon an organization that creates handmade accessories, mobile chains, key-rings, bags and clothes. All products are handmade from scratch by women who used to be homemakers.

The organization has been working with local women after the earthquake which rocked Nepal in 2015. This was especially useful since these women’s futures were uncertain and bleak. By making use of the skills they had, these women could become financially independent and contribute to their families. The fact that they can work from home is an added advantage as many of them still have to manage the household.

At Hamrohub, we are proud to feature the handmade accessories from Muskan. By donning the accessories and apparel, not only are we supporting locally handmade products, we are also supporting girl power!