Posted / 20 Sep 2018

Wild Hemp - Grows at around 3000 metres above sea level

Hemp grows wild in Nepal, it is a self-sustaining plant which is free from chemicals. This makes the products made eco friendly and chemical free. In recent years, it is farmed in villages in Nepal as there has been a growing demand for it. Hemp is the large and strong plant fibre, twice as strong as cotton. It is abrasive and rot resistant. For centuries, villagers have extracted its fibres to weave mats, bags, fishing nets, ropes and straps. 

The leaves and sap are used traditionally as a painkiller and its roots are used to treat burns and wounds. The seeds are roasted and can be eaten. 

The entire process of harvesting hemp to spinning to weaving is a labour intensive one. It is laborious and each piece of product created is in itself a piece of art. At HamroHub, we are proud to support the Nepali Hemp industry. We want to keep the century old textile industry alive.