Hemp Brown Laptop Cover Measured To 13.5"

USD 60.14

Beautifully handmade laptop case/sleeve made in the Nepal Himalaya. It can be slipped inside your backpack or carried alone with space for all your work bits and pieces!

Designed and measured to fit a 13.5" screen laptop and with a convenient front pocket for your charger cable and notebook.

Hemp grows wild throughout Nepal and has long been used to create fabrics used in clothe making etc. You can now own a piece of this ancient tradition in the form of a functional, stylish laptop case.

Design Details:
The main pocket (where your laptop goes) as well as the top flap, are made with wild hemp, harvested, spun and handwoven here in Nepal.
The inside has Tibetain sheeps' wool for an effective, natural and sustainable padding (instead of chemical based neoprene used in most cases). 
The smaller, front pocket uses recycled wild hemp cloth - from bags used by farmers from rural Nepal. This is slightly thinner than the other wild hemp fabric in this item and because of its past use is beautifully soft. This front pocket can accommodate your laptop charger as well as a note book/pens etc. making it super convenient.

No Chemicals or Chemical Dyes 
We use only natural plant/mineral based dyes; choose from Indigo blue, Pomegranate green or Charcoal grey.
We use no bleach or other chemical treatments or dyes in our production process.
The fibres are hand-harvested, washed in pure Himalayan water and hand-spun, weaved and stitched.