Eco Friendly Handmade 100% Natural and Biodegradable Allo And Wool Shoe

USD 52.24
  • Wool and acrylic fiber Belts colors parts are made traditionally with wool but in the urban context is made mainly with acrylic colored ropes.
  • Allo The giant nettle locally known as Allo, occurs naturally in forests at altitudes above 1500 metres. Time line showed that Allo activities were started by Kulung Rais from 1950. Allo has become an established income generating commodity in Sankhuwasabha district eastern region of Nepal.
  • Recycled rubber sole Old plastics and rubbers items are collected by rag pickers. These people are the last collectors of the big chain segregating useful things from the garbage. The collected items are recycled to make soles.

Size: 42